My past is my history, NOT a base for your judgemental stories

My past is my story to tell,
Only I know exactly how I felt,
Through all those times, when I thought I failed and yet kept walking through the doors of hell.
But as the chapters in my book progressed,
I felt so blessed.
When my body and soul finally addressed,
All those stories that my mind had compressed, that made me feel nothing but stressed.
Finally everything falls in place, and everything starts to make sense, when I learn to express my own thoughts to my own self.
I kept wondering, if my old stories needed to be blended with my new chapters, but never saw the point, as these chapters would welcome many new characters,
where I can write fresh stories with victories,
Rather than contradicting our own personal histories.
Many amongst them treated me like a mystery, while the remaining would welcome me with glittery.
With time I realised everybody goes through this misery, where our past becomes our own maledictory.
The day I registered this theory, that my past is my story to tell, my history seemed just like any other story but certainly not a misery.
Either I yell it out or keep it all to myself,
It’s purely my choice, to either reveal or to conceal.
No matter what the decision is, it’s always going to be my story to tell.
Picture is by @colorsofhoney and the words are in HINDI

How many of us feel the need to share our past with our partners? How many feel like it’s unnecessary to rewind a story which leads to nowhere but misery? How many of us felt like just taking a fresh start?

Well, there would be many who have concealed parts of their history, in order to avoid unnecessary judgements. To this, many would say that judging people is not “their mantra” in life, but trust me, subconsciously your mind has already categorised and tagged the entire story, which you were never a part of.

This is one of the sole reasons why people tend to hide their past, which according to me is NOT wrong, it’s no where related to trust or transparency, it’s just a matter of mere comfort and compatibility.

Life is understood only backwards, but lived forward. So it’s a matter of acceptance, letting Things go and moving forward.

Behind every person lies a story, and it’s theirs to share, when and how is their way to present, as a partner one should always support and be patient. Our past no matter how bad or good, has taught us a lot in different ways, and made us who we are today.

I don’t know how many resonate with me but let people take their own time to feel comfortable to share their story and connect the dots in their journey which you never were a part of.

Yes, it is unnecessary to rewind a part which brings you misery, but the day you feel your partner deserves to know the real reason why your paths crossed each other’s, the reason why you are, what you are today, you will let them read your whole book, but till then it’s your book and your story to write, you’re the author, so make it right, the way you want and the way you’d like.

Published by swatijena05

I want to bring in an impact in our society, to rise above superficial societal norms, to change people’s approach towards life. I want to inspire, and embrace change 🌸

17 thoughts on “My past is my history, NOT a base for your judgemental stories

  1. Thank you. I love the poetry. I keep hearing it as the lyrics to a rap song. It has that unique timing and phrasing. My past is a story that constantly evolves because I am creating my new past in the moment along with my immediate future. Thank you for this post.

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  2. Well-penned. I love your words 💚 my history has made me who I am. Some of the parts I’d rather not remember can be woven into the ones I do in a delicate way to express the victory I may have achieved. It’s funny what we choose to remember. And the best part is living your own truth. Keep up the great work! You’re a great writer.

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    1. Thank you this means do much to me, I really appreciate you reading my work with such dedication. And yes it’s very true we are all a summation of our past and we should learn to make peace with it 🙏🏼

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  3. Okay here’s my take. Just like you said, your past can be spoken about to your partner when the time is right and if it’s totally necessary. However, somethings should never be brought up unless they currently affect your relationship.
    Thanks for sharing Jena!

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  4. Our pass can stay in the pass if it doesn’t have negative impact on our presence. There are those who try to keep their pass in the pass but once the pass shapes certain character values that are questionable it may be important to deal with the pass. It should not be that others judge someone’s pass because they were not there when the circumstances were happening and they don’t know the struggles such individual had been through. Everyone of us have to battle with the devil who seek to tarnish our character. It is not good for people do the devil’s work by been judgmental
    As you have written and I believe people should take their own time and feel comfortable to share their story. When it is done that way they process the pass information better for us to understand. Very thoughtful post


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