My body feels like a huge board tagged with multiple labels, describing each of my act and all my angles.
I never understood, how the length of my skirt determined my “integrity and grounds.”?
Why are we always surrounded with such societal bounds?
How does my married life become a topic of discussion? Where my story keeps changing in each of their session, successfully labelling me to be a part of “the so called progressive generation with ripped traditions”.
How is someone else’s success compared to my failure? How does their story even become a part of my life’s trailer?
Many question my virginity, in order to get some insights and some clarity, because as per our society, “women of age should always believe in purity”.
Why is my sexual attraction a societal reaction?
How is my fat or skinny leg a big bother to you? why is even my body such an important matter to you? firstly, who are you to even give me any kind of a review.
How easy it has become for others to just label us, for them to create a little fuss, where they suppress and repress our story by playing “the game of guess”.
“Hey fatty” “skanky” “yo-homo” “such a slut/whore” “you’re black/Asian/ too white” “you’re a psycho” “bitch” “what a player” “hey loser” “bye geek” and the list can go on.
How are we even comfortable walking with such tags on us? Revolting about them should be a must.
We don’t have to live in a world where we need to only impress, where we have forgotten the true meaning of express, where we have learnt to suppress our feelings with excellence.
Trust me, this is not a healthy approach.
We should live our life as per our mantras, where we should embrace them.
Because darling, labels are meant for jars not for people.

Labeling theory posits that self-identity and the behavior of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It is associated with the concepts of self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotyping. Labeling theory holds that deviance is not inherent in an act, but instead focuses on the tendency of majorities to negatively label minorities or those seen as deviant from standard societal norms. Throughout our lives, people attach labels to us, and those labels reflect and affect how others think about our identities. Labels change one’s perception. Labelling often makes people feel so lost and is one of the major reasons for depression, people start resonating themselves to those labels, often feeling miserable about themselves and their actions. I never really understood the true reason behind bulling people by using words describing their personality or skin colour or caste or religion or body shape etc. what joy does one derive by doing such a thing.

I don’t know why people are so sadistic but I sure do know we shouldn’t give a damn about such people. We should deal with our insecurities first, rather than cleaning out the tags attached to us based on others perspective. We shouldn’t restrict ourselves because our actions are considered weird or unacceptable by others, We should flaunt them around, should probably wear a T-shirt with all our tags on it. We should accept everything within us and about us, because everyone is unique and beautiful in their own ways. That people’s tag doesn’t really define us, but what truly defines us is what we think about ourselves, how confidently we walk with that T-shirt on, about accepting our true selves even when it’s a flaw to others. It’s all about acceptance not resistance. Once we truly embrace ourselves, we do not give a damn about what others think about us. And that’s what I call as “living the best life”.

Always remember all labels are expensive and not all can afford it.

Published by swatijena05

I want to bring in an impact in our society, to rise above superficial societal norms, to change people’s approach towards life. I want to inspire, and embrace change 🌸

16 thoughts on “LABEL JARS, NOT PEOPLE.

  1. I totally agree. When we feel insecure inside we label. Such stereotyping is the bane of any society. Even in school, when teachers label children, they subconsciously try to fit into that label. Your post is poignant, but extremely essential. Very well written

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  2. The one’s who judge you actually struggle themselves my friend, the real problem with to why these individual’s judge you..

    Is these individual’s themselves actually don’t understand themselves their own underlying struggle so these individual’s are simple ill equipped and don’t think before the talk my friend.. 😉🙏💙

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  3. Well written! This is a universal every society. It’s not helpful to label others. Even positive labels can be dehumanizing. If people call you a saint, you are expected to live up to a level of perfection that is stressful and unachievable. If they label you a criminal, no one wants to trust you or give you a chance.

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