May Be I Am Just Born In The Wrong Generation ?

May be I am just born in the wrong generation, because everything in it looks like a mere audition.
Well, in this situation I would like to make a little confession,
“Is this the new foundation led by emotional ingression”.
Where is the love filled with honesty or the smile of generosity or the fact of living with integrity. Where is the sense of responsibility and the concept of empathy?
Oh boy! Makes me look at them with such sympathy.
There used to be a time where emotions were treated with such devotions and now it’s just a game of extreme suppression, with each of them holding onto their suspicions.
I wonder if there is any solution, to such a vivid transition.
May be I was just born in the wrong generation.
Back then, people believed in emotional vulnerability but now it just seems like a big formality between people who willingly call it a liability.
Oh! I wish I can make them see the reality.
That life’s only supremacy lies in emotional vulnerability.
To feel what’s inside of your mind and to let your heart beat slow and fast at the same time.
Don’t let your emotions get jarred up.
Because putting up a new face everyday in the morning shouldn’t be the first thing one should have to do nor collecting different masks for different emotions is a healthy thing to live up to.
Bottling your thoughts and emotions, caging your feelings is not a healthy sign, let them out.
Because being a hostage in your own mind is far more disturbing than actually processing, understanding and analysing your own emotions.
Let’s bring back the authenticity of emotions, to the purest form of life, how I wish it comes back in this time.
Oh, I wish I would learn some telepathy, to make people realise life’s only supremacy.

Published by swatijena05

I want to bring in an impact in our society, to rise above superficial societal norms, to change people’s approach towards life. I want to inspire, and embrace change 🌸

11 thoughts on “May Be I Am Just Born In The Wrong Generation ?

  1. Good one 👏
    No my dear, you are not born in the wrong generation. You are born to show them that God is love and that love is all there is 😊💕


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