ALL for LOVE and LOVE for ALL


I remember the day, when my best friend had opened up to me about how she was into girls. And anxiously waiting for me to say the same, but I guess at that time, I wasn’t comfortable coming out at all. So I remember telling her, “oh! Wow that’s really nice, I always wanted to have a bisexual friend”. And we laughed it off.
After couple of years since then, I met this beautiful, charismatic lady in a bar, and was extremely intrigued by her. I remember feeling nervous, a little timid in front of her. I waited till my eyes caught hers, in order to exchange our first gestures. And we did, when our eyes met and we smiled at each other. I remember, she calling me to join her and I could feel those butterflies inside of me, and without any delay I joined her. We had a couple of drinks, and some great pasta, after which she asks me, “if I was into women?”. And at the very moment I had nothing to say, so I just laughed it off, but later as the evening progressed, she showed a picture of her and her girlfriend and told me about her story. To which my anxious soul started to fidget. I couldn’t keep it within myself, and I bursted out my emotions. To that She simply looked at me and said, “it’s alright sweetie, all for love and love for all. If your heart beats for someone, it shouldn’t see the sexuality of the person, it beats for the person who he or she is, the beauty of his or her soul. You love someone because they had something that mesmerised you, that made you feel special. You should fall in love with someone who helps you find your true self yet makes you feel lost in their eyes, who makes you feel calm around all the chaos and someone who proudly calls you mine”. And that day I released, that my love doesn’t have boundaries, it doesn’t distinguish between sexuality. I crave for beauty in others soul, I want a connection not just a companion and I realised I wanted love way more than it is in reality. From that day onwards I never felt awkward sharing my beliefs, I felt empowered from within and I proudly called myself bisexual. So many of you might say, “what a confusion?”, but trust me it’s way more than that, because I fall, for the person, for their actions, for their imagination, for their beliefs, for their ambitions, for their desires and for them and that’s what I call true love.
So as soon as my realisation hit in and I completely made peace with it, the first thing I did was to call my best friend and tell her,
“ hey, I guess I can be into girls too”.
To which she chuckles and says, “ I know! I was just waiting for this day”.
After a long pause, she continues, “ but don’t worry, you were never my type”.
And we bursted out laughing, but this time the laugh was louder and sweeter both at the same time.

Before the pride month ends, I would like to share problems that every bisexual faces.

As you all think you know, bisexuals are supposed to be the ones who are confused — but, silly me, I’m all sure of who I am, so I don’t know why people say we are confused. It’s too bad there’s no reading material or videos or for a matter of fact google, available to clear up your confusion about what bisexuality is and why it’s so very real. To most of you let me tell you, we are attracted to one person at one time , not multiple people at the same time. Many people in the LGBTQ community may believe that bisexual people are too afraid to come out as gay or do not want to be with bisexual people because they think we are more likely to cheat. Bisexual people are not considered in discussions about issues facing those in the LGBTQ community because many see bisexuals as having a “hetero” privilege when they are in opposite-gender relationships, or they are seen as “posers” when they are in a same-sex relationship. But these are just myth. We are NOT confused just attracted to more than one gender. We are attracted to the person not the gender, and I feel it’s a completely valid explanation.

But the world needs to always create problems, and the biggest in this is that we often do not feel like we belong in the straight or queer community and therefore often feel like we cannot get the help we need. Nonetheless the B in LGBTQ stands for bi and we should be proud of it. There’s more awareness in today’s society about the B, but it’s clear we still have a long way to go.

So to conclude, irrespective of your sexual preference, let your love flow with no restrictions and boundaries, let your heart discover it’s attractions and trust me you will know. Just don’t let your emotions be caged up. Have the courage to come out, because darling it’s 2020, the world might just end, just kidding!! Don’t let society decide your attractions, don’t be threatened by their judgments, do what your heart says, you just have one life to embrace.


Published by swatijena05

I want to bring in an impact in our society, to rise above superficial societal norms, to change people’s approach towards life. I want to inspire, and embrace change 🌸

10 thoughts on “ALL for LOVE and LOVE for ALL

  1. Well stated. For me there is no confusion in that position. Humans are bisexual, it comes with the biology. Preference is complex and it’s sad that so many people develop an attitude towards other people’s preferences. Meeting others who sing to me is all that matters. The totality of another human means more to me than any sexual references or preferences. We are all unique and precious. I love the clarity of this blog. Thank you.

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  2. I am a straight guy who is attracted to women and women alone but indeed this article was worth reading. I learnt a lot and all your points are worthy considering. indeed at the end what really matters is true love and i liked how you depicted what falling in love is like by telling what you fall for. I wish you all the best as you tackle societal and religious beliefs. At the end we should be happy.

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  3. it is very well written friend. I have never understood one thing; why is it that I need to be judgmental about someone’s sexual orientations. It is very similar to a racial bias. As a society we need to respect every person and not divide everyone into boxes and groups. I absolutely relate to your very well written post.

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