We Should Do It right

Aren’t you all thrilled to be born in an era, where most of us in this generation thrive to bring in change ? Where we demand for justice in our own unique ways, with protests and riots being our sole way, where we believe in mass approach rather than sneaky ways. The golden era, where we want to adopt, rather than adapt, where we want solutions, not just reasons. Where no one wants to play the blame game, instead wants to be held accountable for their own actions. Where we have given up on our slow legislation to sanction, where we do not want any more societal sections. The era, where our love has no restrictions, and we are no longer bound to have lines to our own attractions. Where we demand for reasonable corrections, where we no longer walk blindly in a predetermined direction, with series of rules and regulations.
I am proud of those, who had it in them to point out all the wrongs, and had the courage above all, to walk away from a place where they did not belong.
I feel so strong when I see most of us using our own tongue, voicing out all the things that were once done wrong.
Yet there are few in our generation, who are not that headstrong and still wish to prolong. To those few in our society, I wish you understand it’s no point living like that, where our society has already given us all a map, which is nothing but a pure trap.
Do you know what most of you lack ?
Is an independent spine and the right formats.
All I am asking you, is to bring in a revolution,
In all those occasion which lack aspiration,
In all those moments which lack right motion, even if it means to start a commotion, in order to be part of an evolution.
Let’s leave behind some contusion on ourselves, which will always remind us of our new self framed foundation, that will unite our generation stronger than ever, where our actions are based on our own discretion and where we should feel free to express our own thoughts and intentions.

Our generation is truly one of a kind , with a tremendous transition, right from our childhood from using flip phones to modernised iPhones. Right from just following societal norms to “I have my own beliefs”. I am really proud of all those people who believed in their ideologies, to stand up and demand for equality, to request for more understanding, to being more inquisitive about different approaches and solutions. I like looking at my fellow Sapiens with extraordinary approaches, fighting and revolting for changes. But there are many even in this era , who follow the set tradition; and there’s nothing wrong in that, but if you have a different outlook to life and feel suffocated in your own path, please change it. Nothing is ever too late, like it’s said “now is better than later, and something is always better than nothing”. To that do not keep living in a trap, if that’s not you , evolve from that, we have one life to make an impact, don’t let societal norms dictate your remaining life track. Have the courage to rise above all that, let’s bring in some change for everyone to react.


Published by swatijena05

I want to bring in an impact in our society, to rise above superficial societal norms, to change people’s approach towards life. I want to inspire, and embrace change 🌸

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