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That’s what she said

This incident happened not a very long time ago when attending conferences was a daily routine and firm handshakes signified our deal cracking, when Zoom calls were not the usual 6 o’clock meet up channel and travelling by local trains was the most difficult part to handle. I remember; being an intern and walking intoContinue reading “That’s what she said”

The Second Love

Why do we romanticise FIRST love so much ? Why don’t we ever listen to stories about “my second love”? How are people not giving credit to themselves for taking a leap of faith all over again ? How are people not embracing themselves, even after they know what they had gone through, what theyContinue reading “The Second Love”


Labeling theory posits that self-identity and the behavior of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It is associated with the concepts of self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotyping. Labeling theory holds that deviance is not inherent in an act, but instead focuses on the tendency of majorities toContinue reading “LABEL JARS, NOT PEOPLE.”

We Should Do It right

Our generation is truly one of a kind , with a tremendous transition, right from our childhood from using flip phones to modernised iPhones. Right from just following societal norms to “I have my own beliefs”. I am really proud of all those people who believed in their ideologies, to stand up and demand forContinue reading “We Should Do It right”


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